Nintendo advises gamers not to use the Nintendo Switch during the heat wave

Nintendo alerts players in this very hot period. The Japanese manufacturer took to Twitter to warn of the Switch’s overheating issues.

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Summer is fast approaching, everyone is starting to heat up, and the Nintendo Switch is no exception.

During the intense heat that some countries are going through during this period, Nintendo anticipates the possible overheating of the Switch by pointing out the dangers of using the console during the heat wave.

It is in a series of tweets that Nintendo indicates that the Switch is likely to overheat, which could affect the operation of the console, but also cause serious burns. In fact, one can read there:

If your skin is in direct contact with a hot part for a long time, it may cause burns.

How to avoid overheating problems?

High temperatures are a danger signal for electronic devices. Temperatures can exceed 35 degrees. The heat would impact the operation of electronic devices and in particular that of the Nintendo Switch.

The first advice given by the manufacturer is the fact of having to play with the console in an environment where the temperature is between 5 and 35 degrees. This may seem exaggerated, but in certain places such as cars or outdoors, even in the shade, high temperatures are easily reached.

If you use the Nintendo Switch in a hot place, the temperature of the main unit may rise. Please use 5-35℃ instead.

Also, if the intake and exhaust ports are blocked, the temperature of the main unit may rise. Improve the air around the intake and exhaust ports.

He warns in his tweet.

If the temperature turns out to be too high, in the bag or at home, the Switch might turn off automatically, but it could cause much more serious problems.

The manufacturer also warns:

The console may become warm during charging or when operating (even in standby mode) […] If the temperature gets too high, it can automatically shut down to protect the components.

To avoid this, Nintendo warns gamers about the console’s air vents located on the top edge and back, which should not be Butcher. Indeed, its air vents allow good air circulation to cool the Switch components optimally.

In general, Nintendo recommends leaving at least 10 centimeters around the air vents for effective cooling.

Nintendo sets up a Japanese Q&A interface to help players with this website.

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