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Summer is here. And to stock up on ideas on sunny days, Futura takes you on an unprecedented scientific expedition in 4 rows, from the Moon to Earth… with Mag Futura! Until July 19, the Futura Mag is at the preferential price of €15 instead of €19, that is, a 20% discount. This is the time to enjoy !

This summer, go on vacation with Mag Futura: zero fake news, only Science

You Future Mag It was born from a crowdfunding campaign in Ulule in 2022 and from the tireless and committed work of the Futura staff to offer you the best of Science, in your hands! The ambition of this first revision of the article? Make science accessible to as many people as possible. This review of the article (“done” in the south of France, in Saint-Raphaël, where Futura media is based) offers you an immersion in the heart of 4 scientific themes that will mark 2022, from the Earth to the Moon:

So, ready to get on board with Futura this summer?

The Mag Futura is delivered directly to your home (delivery valid in France, except the overseas departments, Switzerland and Belgium). You have until July 19 to order the Mag Futura at this preferential price, don’t wait! fail now !

So what awaits you for your summer vacation with Mag Futura?

  • Why not start at the beginning of July with a fun experience to do with your loved ones, from the campsite or the beach where you are: learn to calculate the distance to the moon from your location ! (an original way to liven up your evenings and impress those around you)
  • We could continue at the end of July with a unpublished science fiction novel (written by author Sylvie Lainé) about the ambiguity of a doctor/patient relationship in a near future dominated by gene therapies… Exciting !
  • In early August, we embarked on a major report with researchers predicting thefuture of artificial intelligence.
  • And to end your summer in style, we will end this trip in pictures, to meet the small producers that feed the world !

Our commitment with this first edition is to take stock of 4 major themes that will mark the future. More thoughts, less fake news. You Future Mag has been designed as a guide to help you understand the main topics, covered in depth with the cross views of many experts. It wants to be different and also complementary to the site. At the heart of this copy, original and unreleased formats:

  • large folders
  • exclusive interviews
  • field reports
  • tutorials
  • A great educational comic.
  • Two science fiction stories

The cover of the first issue: “From the earth to the moon, 4 scientific questions to explore 2022”

Whether you love science and space, or prefer “Terminator” stories, if you never miss an opportunity to immerse yourself in the challenges of genetic where you want to be unbeatable in theOrigine de l’agriculture
Les premières traces de culture de plantes et de domestication d’animaux à des fins…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/9/d/b/9db0e9a29d_50038038_tracteur-openfield-jenny222-flickr-cc-by-nc-nd-20.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/planete/definitions/developpement-durable-agriculture-11492/” data-more=”Lire la suite”>farming
of the future…: there is sure to be a file that will fascinate you in the Mag Futura! By ordering the Futura Mag, you’re also helping to support independent media like ours, so thank you very much.

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