These are the 3 colors that you should not use if you want to protect yourself from mosquitoes this summer

A new study by researchers in Washington found that mosquitoes are attracted to multiple colors. Here’s the one you absolutely must avoid wearing in the summer.

Since the summer, it is not only the beautiful days that have appeared in France, there is also the number 1 enemy of the French in periods of very hot weather: mosquitoes. And the big question everyone is asking is: Why do some get bitten and others not? Since then many myths have been created around this question, sweet blood, skin type or blood group, nobody really knows what really attracts a mosquito. Fortunately, a study published in the journal nature communicationstells us how to really avoid getting stung in the summer.

Avoid using red, blue or orange.

Researchers from the University of Washington in the United States reveal the importance of the colors of our clothes to prevent them from biting us by mosquitoes But then how did these researchers arrive at this discovery? During an investigation on this subject, specialists became interested to 3 species of mosquitoes, only females that needed blood for your baby. They then created a tunnel imitating human skin and placed different shades of color to observe what happened.

Very quickly, the researchers realized that mosquitoes were particularly attracted by the color of human skin combined with red, orange and cyan (blue). Black, to a lesser extent, also attracted them. On the contrary, white, green and purple have not been favored by mosquitoes, so they are more recommended colors to face summer nights with total peace of mind.

What colors of clothing attract mosquitoes? This study will surprise you

What are the other reasons that attract them?

Thanks to this study, we now know that certain colors are more attractive to these insects that bother us in summer. But beware, it is not 100% safe. However, scientists advise bring mosquito repellent and get vaccinated, if necessary, when traveling to certain countries where these insects can carry many diseases.

Several other elements come into play to understand why mosquitoes tend to bite. It has been found that these insects are more attracted to blood type O than others. Sweat is also one of the reasons mosquitoes bite. In fact, in human sweat we find the presence of lactic acid that mosquitoes especially appreciate. Now that you know everything, you are ready for this summer!

What colors of clothing attract mosquitoes? This study will surprise you
What colors of clothing attract mosquitoes? This study will surprise you

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