Verification: No, carrot juice does not cure breast cancer

A post shared over 23,000 times in Ivory Coast since April 29, 2022 and recently shared indicates that drinking carrot juice helps cure breast cancer. Warning: several oncologists contacted by AFP formally assured that this publication has no scientific basis. Carrot juice is not a cure for breast cancer; There are several treatments ranging from radiotherapy to surgery to combat this disease.

Natural and freshly squeezed carrot juice, capable of curing breast cancer? This is the statement shared on Facebook by the page fusion +. Shared over 23,000 times since the end of April 2022, this publication proposes to explain a “recipe that cures BREAST CANCER“, Y “rsimple and effective method“with for alone”ingredient” the “CARROTS“.

It recently started making the rounds on Facebook again.

Screenshot of a Facebook post made on July 13, 2022

This miracle remedy is as follows:without adding water, mash the carrots very clean, and extract the JUICE. Juice extractor or centrifuge, or mortar and pestle“. Once obtained the juice of the carrots, it is recommended the publication of “en drink more than enough and don’t wait to be thirsty or hungry because the more you drink, the more good you have done“.

The text also gives some instructions related to dosage: “Just drink and eat the freshly extracted carrot JUICE immediately for the thirsty and hungry occasion. There is no water, not even in the preparation of the extraction. Not the juice extracted long in advance, especially not the one from the industrial trade.“.

This solution, very simple at first glance, elicits words of thanks from several Internet users.

Screenshot of Facebook comments made on July 13, 2022

A cure without scientific basis

The simplicity of the proposed remedy and the accompanying tokens of appreciation in no way guarantee the credibility of this publication. Contact by AFP on July 11, 2022, Dr. Jacques Robert, professor of oncology at the University of Bordeaux, wants to be clear: “the carrot is not used in medicine as a treatment for breast cancer; has no proven effect on breast cancer“.

This publication has no scientific basis.Dr. Manuel Rodrigues, oncologist and researcher at the research unit, added to AFP on July 11, 2022 “Cancer, htrognit, instability and plasticityof the Institute On the subject of the use of the carrot in the treatment of cancer, Dr. Manuel Rodrigues evokes a old failed search but without any link to breast cancer.

So I don’t know what is the reason for such a statement about carrots, but if it is about beta carotene [pigment qui donne sa couleur orange la carotte et est source d’anti-oxydant et de vitamine A]this is an old hypothesis unsuccessfully tested in the 1980s. Beta-carotene supplementation does not reduce cancer risk and, worse, increases it for lung cancer in smokers, contrary to what we might expect.

Image of a mammotome macrobiopsy performed on March 8, 2006 at the Institut Curie Paris (AFP/JOEL SAGET)

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports on son internet site what “breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women” with “more than 2.2 million cases registered in 2020“.”Nearly one in 12 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Some 685,000 women died of breast cancer in 2020“, specifies the UN agency.

public health problem

In Cte d’Ivoire, a country in West Africa where this Facebook post is very viral, breast cancer is a public health problem. According to figures from the National Cancer Control Program (PNLCa), breast cancer ranks “1it is range of incident cancers in women with 3,306 new cases and 1,785 estimated deaths in 2020, i.e. a mortality rate of 25.3 per 100,000 women“.

Breast cancer treatment remains costly for patients and their families. For example, mammography public service centers It quotes around 25,000 Fcfa (about 39 euros) or half of the estimated Ivorian minimum wage of about 90 euros (60,000 Fcfa). In private structures, it will be necessary to pay 60,000 CFA francs (about 91.25 euros) in the best of cases, according to calls made by AFP to several organizations of this type.

Breast cancer care remains high for many families and individuals living with the disease. We have assessed a range of care ranging from 700,000 to 5 million CFA francs (1,000 to 7,500 euros) depending on the severity of the infection in the woman. Amounts that unfortunately are not within everyone’s reach and that make breast cancer an expensive disease“, tells AFP Emmanuelle Beugr Phox, president of the Sunamita Women in Action Foundation (FFSA), contacted on July 12.

This Ivorian NGO, which accompanies victims of breast cancer, raises awareness among young women about early detection, provides moral and psychological support to women victims of breast cancer and advocates for free care.

If many women trust these miraculous remedies that abound on Facebook, it is due to a lack of means and access to treating doctors. Can you imagine a woman suffering from chest pain being asked to come back for an appointment in a month? She would be tempted to use any recipe to ease her pain.“, explains to AFP Emmanuelle Beugr Phox.

The president of the NGO indicates that several miraculous remedies are circulating against breast cancer, among them pseudo-treatments based on clay, soursop and kaolin that have been tried by several patients – without any success.

In general, self-medication (even with things that are considered harmless, such as herbal medicine) is prohibited without the advice of the referring doctor: there are risks of interactions with cancer treatments that can increase side effects or reduce their effectiveness.“explains to AFP Dr. Benjamin Verret, member of the Breast Pathology Committee of the Gustave-Roussy cancer center (Villejuif-France), incorporated on July 12.

To prevent women from giving in to the rhetoric of charlatans and endangering their lives, the Fundación Mujeres Sunamitas en Acción makes them aware that they should only trust approved treatments for breast cancer and, above all, get an early screening, which which increases the possibilities. recovery

Yes, breast cancer can be cured, as long as it is diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. In contrast, breast cancers that are diagnosed or treated too late, when the cancer cells have left the tumor and spread throughout the body, are no longer curable.“underlines Dr. Jacques Robert, professor of oncology at the University of Bordeaux, contacted by AFP on July 12.

According to place of the National Cancer Institute (France), the treatment of breast cancer (like cancers in general) is based in particular on surgery, eventually supplemented with radiotherapy, and sometimes with postoperative chemotherapy when certain characteristics of the cancer show that there is a high risk of recurrence.

Suy Kahofi, AFP Ivory Coast

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