When the fryer steals the show

The essential air fryer is a smashing hit this year. Due to the rising price of edible oils, this device, which offers low-fat, low-calorie cooking, is selling well. Reportage.

Damantee Nuckcheddy: “I share videos of recipes made with the deep fryer”

damanteeDamantee Nuckcheddy, 35, is the mother of two children. She switched to the air fryer in January for health and financial reasons. Since then, she cannot live without him. “The air fryer is now a must-have appliance in my home. Even the children adopted it. It is convenient, plus there is no need for supervision. It encourages them to invent quick and easy recipes after school. It’s perfect for fries, grilling, and baking too. Air fryer recipes are endless! »

Try and share recipes through videos on the TikTok platform. The purpose of making their videos is to share tips with air fryer enthusiasts or those who are thinking of trying them out.

“My videos on TikTok pique the curiosity of those who are new to the fryer concept. I am often asked about temperature and cooking times, among other things. As a result, it motivated me to make more small plate make-ahead videos. Which highlights the many benefits of the air fryer. I even tried “ti puri” and marzipan. »

According to her, the device also promotes better nutrition. “Since using the fryer I have lost seven kilos. In six months, with a healthy diet and sport. It is one of my best investments. »

Carleen Chan: “It is one of my best purchases, it makes my life easier”

carleneSame story with Carleen Chan, 25. “This is one of my best purchases, the fryer makes my life easier. For the young lady, the air fryer is practical and this is the most attractive point of her. She now she uses it every day. “I have been using the air fryer for four months, three to four times a week. No oil needed, food cooks faster. There is no need to monitor cooking, just turn on and go. »
For resellers, the new consumer lifestyle explains the enthusiasm for the air fryer. Healthy eating is at the heart of the concerns of Mauritians.

“Food is the first medicine and we have to take into account the way we cook. There is no good health without healthy cooking methods. The secret to achieving this is to equip yourself well. The right appliances allow you to be efficient and waste less time in the kitchen. In addition, the air fryer does not require much maintenance.

Mauritians are increasingly concerned about their health and eat healthy. In addition, with the rise in the price of oil, customers are turning to this type of cooking”, explains Géraldine L’Ecluse, Retail Marketing Manager of Warehouse Ltd, which manages the 361 stores. As for the range, Warehouse Ltd sells Philips, Moulinex and Instant Pot brand Air Fryers from Rs 6,990.

Courts Mammouth offers several brands of fryers in the range of Rs 3,000 to Rs 9,000. “Demand has increased with the rise in the price of edible oils. Requires little supervision, just set the temperature and timer. And without any problem, you can do your other household chores in parallel. »

What can you cook there? The possibilities are limitless. “You can cook chicken, fish, chips, nuggets. We can make cakes, samosas, depending on people’s eating habits. It is necessary to follow the indications of the instructions for use of the product and show a little creativity to adapt to the tastes of the family. For example, chicken already contains fat. Similarly, you can make French fries from fresh potatoes which you may need to add a bit of oil to. You can use oven-safe frozen fries that don’t need oil. Some may add oil to their food to make it taste like fried food. Otherwise, you have to adapt to the texture. »

Shaneesh Dauhajee: “The fryer allows you to eat without feeling guilty”

ShahneeshShaneesh Dauhajee, 25, of Quatre-Bornes, agrees when it comes to the benefits of the fryer. This fitness enthusiast explains that the air fryer allows you to consume food without feeling guilty. “I can appreciate the little ‘gajacks’ because I know they don’t contain oil. Personally, I use the air fryer twice a week. Of course, with the rising price of oil, the device is popular, but it is above all a piece of equipment that allows us to maintain our health. »

Dr. Yoshinee Dhunnoo: “Low fat content reduces the caloric value of food”

yoshineeLittle fat used and a less caloric cooking method.

The fryer uses a forced hot air cooking system, without the need for oil. Due to this, the low fat content in the cooking mode lowers the caloric value of the food. Even foods that already contain fat melt during cooking. Thus, patients with cardiovascular problems can enjoy eating fried foods.

Retains nutrients from food.

In addition, the benefits and nutrients of the products are preserved. In a pinch, some heat-sensitive foods can slightly lose their nutritional value. However, the short duration of this cooking method prevents the loss of a significant level of nutrients.

Promotes weight loss

Reducing oil consumption automatically leads to weight loss. It is also a good alternative for people who are on a diet.

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