Will the console be available in stores again?

Will the PlayStation 5 be available in stores again?

Will the PlayStation 5 be available in stores again? – It can go

Why is the PlayStation 5 out of stock?

The great shortage of PlayStation 5 is explained in part by the lack of essential components to manufacture the console. After the Covid pandemic, many Electronic components As the microprocessors where the fleas have seen their production decline. The demand for high-tech products has only increased. Very rare requirements, prices have skyrocketed. At the same time, Sony had to deal with delivery problems. In a stopped world, it is difficult to make the PlayStation 5 go around the world both for its construction and for its delivery to gamers. These production difficulties and routing does not only affect the Sony console. Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X is also in turmoil and often appears to be out of stock. Not to mention Nintendo, which is also struggling to make its Switch on time. Times are tough for home consoles.

When will the PlayStation 5 be available in stores?

Do you hope to soon be able to go buy a PlayStation 5 like buying hot cakes just by going to MediaMarkt, Fnac or Coolblue? We will have to wait a little longer. Sources indicate that the shortage could well last until 2023. Regardless, it will take time for Sony to absorb the delays and be able to meet the high demand for game consoles. The war in Ukraine is further complicating the distribution of the PlayStation 5 with closed airspace to the east and barely usable rail lines. .

The strategy of the Japanese manufacturer as soon as it launched PlayStation 5 (in the middle of the Covid wave, it must be remembered) was to sell the console online. This is to promote the safety of players, scalpers and employees by avoiding crowds. So there was no console release as usual. Today, more than a year and a half later, it is still through the Internet that the PS5 is best sold. It is rare in physical stores and stock is often found on the Internet. Taken by assault, they don’t stay long in line. Do you want to put the odds on your side? Read our tips for easily buy the console on the internet in a few clicks or the order direct from sony.

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