Video Of Prince William Getting Angry At Photographer Leaked, Palace Takes Immediate Action | monarchies

A video showing Prince William attacking a photographer shook the web earlier this week. The images appeared on YouTube on Monday and were viewed tens of thousands of times before being shared on other social networks. The royal palace ended up intervening to eliminate this recording considered embarrassing for the royal family. The footage shows … Read more

Freddy Tougaux explains after his departure from Grand Cactus: “We had differences with Jérôme de Warzée but we fixed them between us”

No, I’m not going to replace Thierry Luthers.” smiles the comedian Freddy Tougaux, David Greuse by his real name, a cult character from the Micro-Counter et micro terroir (with puns on town plates) of big cactus who bows. “We hadn’t told anyone that we were leaving, the comedians on the show didn’t even know. It … Read more

Vince McMahon: The story of a violation of a referee resurfaces!

Rita Chatterton, if you don’t know this woman, it’s because WWE completely forgot about her after Vince McMahon was accused of rape in the 90s. She is the first female referee in the federation and her story resurfaces today, after many years where it was lost. But with the WWE Board of Directors’ investigation into … Read more

Princess Mabel is received at the House of the Order of Orange by the King of the Netherlands

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands welcomed his sister-in-law into the Order of the House of Orange. Princess Mabel, publicly known by the name of her late husband, received the Grand Cross within this order that rewards those who have distinguished themselves by their actions towards the sovereign or the royal house. Also read: Princess Amalia … Read more

Here is your horoscope for this Tuesday, June 28, 2022: love, money, work, health…

What day should you look forward to emotionally, financially, or healthily? Find out below with our complete horoscope, sign by sign. ►► Astronomical calculation, zodiacal horoscope, Chinese horoscope, numerology, special horoscopes (Druid, mole, Aztec, African et Egyptian), sex star, star love, lost star et name compatibility : discover our special and free site on astrology! … Read more