5 Ways Cybercriminals Steal Credit Card Information – Press Releases

The following text is taken from a press release and in no way reflects the opinion of the newsroom. In countries that have chip and PIN (EMV) systems, it is difficult to convert this data into cloned cards. They are then usually used online in card not present (CNP) attacks. These are used to purchase … Read more

Migrant truck fatalities in San Antonio: 51 people have died

CNN — A distant scream led a worker to an abandoned tractor-trailer on a desolate rural road Monday night in the scorching Texas sun outside San Antonio. In this barren stretch of scrubland adjacent to train tracks, the perilous journey north for dozens of undocumented immigrants, many of them Mexican, ended in the back of … Read more

Mohammed Zubair: Indian Police Arrest Muslim Journalist Accused Of Insulting Hindus

New Delhi CNN Business — Delhi police have arrested a prominent Muslim journalist, accusing him of insulting religious beliefs on social media, in a move condemned by free speech advocates. Mohammed Zubair, co-founder of fact-checking website Alt News, which debunks misinformation in the Indian media, was arrested on Monday and spent the night in police … Read more

Turkey raises its objections to Sweden and Finland joining NATO

MADRID (AP) — Turkey agreed Tuesday to lift its opposition to Sweden and Finland joining NATO, ending a deadlock that had marred the opening of a leaders’ summit in Madrid amid Europe’s worst security crisis. in decades, caused by the war in Ukraine. After urgent high-level talks with the leaders of the three countries, alliance … Read more

PCI Express 7 will be 8 times faster than the current generation

All industries are growing exponentially, but the information technology industry is really impressive. We have not yet had time to get acquainted with the PCIe 5.0 standard (announced in 2019), which the PCI-SIG consortium, the non-profit organization made up of industries operating in the field of electronics that develops standards for the system bus , … Read more

G-7 to back pursuit of Russian oil price cap and tariff hikes

ELMAU, Germany (AP) — The Group of Seven economic powers are pledging long-term support for Ukraine, and the United States is preparing to announce the purchase of an advanced surface-to-air missile system for Kyiv. The leaders are also set to announce a deal to seek a cap on the price of Russian oil, raise tariffs … Read more

“In 2030, Renault cars will be 100% electric”

The director of sustainable development of the Renault group defends a transition that serves as many people as possible. For us, these are the great challenges of the group. Mrs Figaro. – A wake-up time?Clea Martinett. – Six hours. To get to the office early, at 7:30 am The tone of your position? We are … Read more

Russia attacks Kyiv as Western leaders meet in Europe

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russia broke weeks of relative calm in the capital of Ukraine with long-range missiles fired at Kyiv early Sunday morning, an apparent show of force by the Kremlin as Western leaders meet in Europe to strengthen its military and economic support for Ukraine. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said the missiles hit … Read more

Russian missiles hit Kyiv as G7 summit begins in Europe

CNN — Russia targeted the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv with a series of missile attacks on Sunday, as the leaders of the G7 nations gather in Germany for the first day of their annual meeting summit. Ukraine’s national police chief Ihor Klymenko said one person was killed and five wounded in a Russian missile strike … Read more

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. wade; states can ban abortion

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Friday removed women’s constitutional protections for abortion, a fundamental and deeply personal change for the lives of Americans after nearly half a century under Roe v. Wade. The court’s annulment of the landmark court ruling is likely lead to abortion bans in about half of the states. The … Read more