Ivana and Donald Trump, 15 years of a dizzying romance

The former US president announced the death of his ex-wife on Thursday, July 14. She returns to fifteen years of a tumultuous romance, between social evenings, adultery and high-profile divorce. She was, long before the presidency, state scandals, and sexual assault allegations, the first wife of donald trump. ivana trump She passed away at the … Read more

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s tumultuous love affairs

by Lea Mabilon Published 1 hour before, Updated 1 hour before Khloé Kardashian and basketball player Tristan Thompson at the beginning of their relationship, in a Miami club. (USA, September 18, 2016.) Abaca While we thought they were well apart, the reality star and the basketball player announced, to everyone’s surprise, that they were about … Read more

“I grew up with a father who kept telling me that nothing was going to be done with me”

Model and TV presenter Adriana Karembeu is the face of Mauboussin’s handbag line. Confidence. In the life, adriana karembeu She says that she has two passions: bags… and medicine. “Before I became a model in the 1990s, I did three years of medical school in Prague. Although I did not finish my studies, they have … Read more

Pregnant with her seventh child, Hilaria Baldwin talks about the effects on her body

By Chloe Friedman Published yesterday at 11:22, Updated yesterday at 13:08 Hilaria and Alec Baldwin attend the premiere of Baby Boss 2: A Family Affair. (New York, June 22, 2021.) Abaca The yoga teacher, wife of Alec Baldwin, evoked on Instagram, this Thursday, July 14, the transformations of her body after her successive pregnancies. She … Read more

In photos, Naomi Campbell, Brigitte Macron’s surprise (and unlikely) guest at the parade on July 14

by Lea Mabilon Aware 3 hours ago, Updated 2 hours ago Naomi Campbell with Brigitte Macron and the ministers of the government of Elisabeth Borne. (Paris, July 14, 2022.) Abaca The model was seen with the first lady in the presidential stands, on the occasion of the military parade on July 14, held on the … Read more

The active vacations of the children of Kate Middleton and Prince William

Princes George and Louis, along with Princess Charlotte, are expected to spend their free time in the UK – and outdoors, the magazine reports. PeopleMonday July 11. His school year ended on Friday, July 8. the prince george8 years old, and the princess charlotte, aged 7, have left Thomas’s Battersea School and are preparing like … Read more

Vivian Jenna Wilson, Kai, X Æ A-XII, Exa Dark Sideræl… Who are the 9 children of Elon Musk?

Pair leah mabilon Aware yesterday at 19:04, Updated yesterday at 20:06 Elon Musk is the father of 9 children, the fruits of three different unions. (Germany, March 22, 2022.) Abaca At the beginning of July we learned that the head of Tesla and Space X welcomed twins last November, the result of a union with … Read more

Jenaye, the fashion jewel of the great family of Yannick Noah

In early May, she made a notable appearance at the Chanel show. Portrait of the daughter of former athlete and supermodel Heather Stewart-Whyte. It is a star seed that follows in the footsteps of its two parents. Beginnings of May, Jenaye Noah caused a sensation during the parade chanel for the Fall Winter 2022-2023 Cruise … Read more

A year after the cannibalistic texting case, Armie Hammer is said to have become a home seller in the Cayman Islands.

Magazines TMZ revealed on Saturday, July 9, that the fallen actor was indeed working at a hotel in the Caribbean. Nope, cocked hammer It is not no concierge in a hotelhammered his lawyer Andrew Brettler in the columns of Variety, Wednesday July 6. The only drawback, three days later, the magazine TMZ revealed that the … Read more

Florence Pugh denounces the “vulgarity” of men after criticism of a dress that showed her nipples

by Lea Mabilon Aware 13 minutes ago, Updated Right now Florence Pugh at the Valentino show in Rome. (Italy, July 8, 2022.) fake images The victim of an avalanche of questionable comments, the 26-year-old actress posted a plea on Instagram calling for women’s bodies to be left alone. She had opted for a fuchsia dress, … Read more