Ukraine: Russian military successes in the East, Putin brandishes the nuclear threat

Russian forces arrived on Saturday significant military successes in eastern Ukraineseizing completely, after a fierce battle, the strategic city of Severodonetsk and penetrating that near Lyssytchansk, at the beginning of the fifth month of conflict. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country “in the coming months“deliver to Belarus, from where … Read more

Russian missiles hit Kyiv as G7 summit begins in Europe

CNN — Russia targeted the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv with a series of missile attacks on Sunday, as the leaders of the G7 nations gather in Germany for the first day of their annual meeting summit. Ukraine’s national police chief Ihor Klymenko said one person was killed and five wounded in a Russian missile strike … Read more

Russia will deliver missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to Belarus!

Posted on Saturday, June 25, 2022 at 6:12 PM Pair Sudinfo Moscow will deliver missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to Belarus “in the coming months,” Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Saturday. Russia will deliver missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to Belarus “in the coming months,” Vladimir Putin announced on Saturday as he … Read more

Former Russian oligarch explains why Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine

The European Union, the United States and the United Kingdom have imposed unprecedented sanctions on the Russian government, including on the Kremlin-controlled energy sector and media. Beyond these sanctions hitting Russian institutions, more than 900 people, including many oligarchs involved in financing and conducting the Russian war in Ukraine, were directly sanctioned by the West. … Read more

missiles fired from Belarus towards the border region with Ukraine

Published in : 06/25/2022 – 05:13Modified : 06/25/2022 – 11:53 Missiles were fired from Belarus, a diplomatic ally of Moscow, towards Ukraine’s Chernihiv border region, northeast of kyiv, the Ukrainian military said on Saturday. Follow our direct. 11:44 am: Moscow claims to have killed “up to 80” Polish fighters Russia said on Saturday it had … Read more

Putin squeezes Europe’s gas supplies. Politicians are getting worried

BRUSSELS — European leaders are growing concerned about the possibility of a complete shutdown of gas supplies from Russia, with Italy calling for a new meeting to discuss the matter. Gazprom, Russia’s state-backed energy provider, has cut its gas flows to Europe by about 60% in recent weeks, leading Germany, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands … Read more

European leaders are expected to formally accept Ukraine’s EU candidacy

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (l) speaks at a joint press conference with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine. Michael Fisher | Images Alliance | fake images BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union leaders are expected to formally approve Ukraine’s candidate status to join the bloc Thursday, the first official step toward full membership. The … Read more

Russia and Lithuania, a member of NATO, clash over Kaliningrad

A sign reading “Kaliningrad” sits atop the main city’s southern railway station. Kaliningrad is a small Russian enclave located on the Baltic Sea and sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland. It has become the center of a dispute between Russia and NATO member Lithuania. Harry Engels | Getty Images Sport | fake images A new front … Read more

the new reality of the French in Russia

Since February 24 and the invasion of Ukraine, many French citizens have left Russia, for practical reasons or political choice. The implementation of Western economic sanctions has changed the daily lives of those who have remained and has reinforced their isolation. “It was the coup de grâce. For me, the Russia, it’s over. I was … Read more

Russia declares gas war on EU – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing tough with the European Union, cutting off gas deliveries to some of Russia’s best customers in a howl of rage over sanctions imposed after invading Ukraine. It is putting enormous political pressure on governments, threatening to freeze Europeans if this winter is … Read more